Nathang Valley is the highest place to stay in the Indian part of the Old Silk Route.  Due to six-month long sub-zero temperature, the place had remained uninhabited for centuries – making it a cold-desert. It is now  one of the most remote Tibetan habitations in Himalaya. The forgotten trail of the Old Silk Route is still present here with all its legacy. This area is being developed as a Ski point in Sikkim. This is a remote valley with a meandering stream crisscrossing it. . Nathang Valley is also visited by migratory birds just before the onset of winter. It is basically an army cantonements now.

How to Reach

Nathang can be reached by rail, road and air. A drive form the nearest railway station New Jalpaiguri will take one to Nathang. One can reach Nathang through drive from the nearest airport Bagdogra. Nathang can be reached from Siliguri or Gangtok by various hired vehicles. Alternatively, one can stay overnight at Aritar / Mankhim and proceed to Nathang the next day. Otherwise, one can reach Rangpo  from NJP/Bagdogra and then proceed to Nathang via the nearest town Rongli.

Places to Visit

Nature, nature & Nature. Beside it, There’s a monastery, a temple ( Krishna Temple) and a small bridge over a small stream in the distance dotting the valley. There is also a war memorial in Nathang Valley carrying the memories of “Tukla War”.  Chinese Watch Towers on Jelep La are clearly visible from Nathang valley in naked eyes.


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